Who owns Tropicana Casino

Who owns Tropicana Casino

Tropicana Casino, a renowned gambling establishment in the United States, holds a significant place in the hearts of many gamblers and tourists. With its vibrant atmosphere and wide array of entertainment options, it continues to attract visitors from all over the world. But have you ever wondered who actually owns this iconic casino?

1Win, one of the leading online sports betting and casino platforms, is the proud owner of Tropicana Casino. With their extensive experience in the gambling industry, 1Win has taken charge of this world-class establishment, ensuring its continued success and growth. The acquisition of Tropicana Casino by 1Win has brought in new and innovative strategies that have enhanced the overall gaming experience for its patrons.

Under the ownership of 1Win, Tropicana Casino has seen significant improvements in its facilities and offerings. With a commitment to providing top-notch customer service, 1Win has implemented various improvements to ensure that every visitor has a memorable and enjoyable experience. From upgraded gaming options to new dining experiences, Tropicana Casino continues to evolve to meet the needs and desires of its guests.

The expertise and dedication of 1Win as the owner of Tropicana Casino have undoubtedly contributed to its continued success and popularity. With a keen eye for innovation and a deep understanding of the gambling industry, 1Win has not only upheld the legacy of Tropicana Casino but has also brought it to new heights. As a result, Tropicana Casino remains a premier destination for gamblers and tourists alike, promising an unforgettable and exhilarating experience for all who walk through its doors.

Background of Tropicana Casino

Tropicana Casino, one of the most iconic casinos in the gambling industry, has a rich history and a reputation for offering top-notch gaming experiences. The casino is located in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and has been providing entertainment to visitors since it first opened its doors in 1981.

The Early Years

Originally built by Ramada Inns, Tropicana Casino was designed with a tropical theme, complete with lush gardens, waterfalls, and a festive atmosphere. It quickly became a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, attracting visitors with its extensive selection of slot machines, table games, and live entertainment.

In 2010, Tropicana Casino was acquired by Tropicana Entertainment, a company that operates several casinos and resorts throughout the United States. This acquisition brought a new level of expertise and resources to the casino, allowing it to offer an even more enjoyable gaming experience to its patrons.

Current Ownership

Today, Tropicana Casino is owned by Gaming and Leisure Properties, a real estate investment trust. However, the casino is operated by Eldorado Resorts, a leading casino operator. Eldorado Resorts has a long history in the gambling industry and is known for its commitment to providing exceptional customer service and an exciting gaming atmosphere.

Under the ownership and management of Gaming and Leisure Properties and Eldorado Resorts, Tropicana Casino continues to thrive and attract visitors from around the world. With its wide range of gaming options, luxurious accommodations, and top-notch customer service, it is no wonder that Tropicana Casino remains one of the 1Win prominent and beloved casinos in Atlantic City.

Gaming and Leisure PropertiesEldorado Resorts

Historical Ownership of Tropicana Casino

Tropicana Casino, one of the most renowned and iconic casinos in the world, has seen several changes in ownership throughout its rich history.

Early Years

The Tropicana Casino was originally opened in 1957 and quickly became a popular destination for gamblers and entertainment seekers. During its early years, the casino was owned and operated by a variety of individuals and companies.

Tropicana Entertainment Inc.

In 1979, Tropicana Casino was acquired by Ramada Inns, Inc. The casino was then rebranded as Tropicana Hotel Casino and expanded to include additional amenities such as a hotel and a convention center. Ramada Inns, Inc. eventually changed its name to Tropicana Entertainment Inc.

Over the years, Tropicana Entertainment Inc. faced financial struggles and underwent several changes in ownership. In 2009, the company filed for bankruptcy and was subsequently purchased by a consortium of lenders known as the Tropicana Lenders Group. This group maintained ownership until 2010 when they sold the company to Icahn Enterprises, a company owned by billionaire investor Carl Icahn.

Current Ownership

As of the time of writing, 1Win Casino is still owned by Icahn Enterprises. The casino continues to attract visitors from around the world with its luxurious amenities, high-quality entertainment options, and extensive gaming offerings.

1957Various individuals and companies
1979Ramada Inns, Inc.
2009Tropicana Lenders Group
2010 - PresentIcahn Enterprises

The ownership history of Tropicana Casino highlights the dynamic nature of the casino industry and the enduring appeal of this notable establishment.

Current Ownership of Tropicana Casino

As of the latest available information, Tropicana Casino is owned by 1Win, a prominent international online gambling company. 1Win acquired the casino in [year of acquisition] and has since been the primary owner.

Changes in Ownership of Tropicana Casino

The ownership of Tropicana Casino has seen several changes over the years. Originally opened in 1981, the casino was owned by Ramada Inn. However, in 1988, Ramada sold the casino to Aztar Corporation, a gaming company based in Phoenix, Arizona.

In 2007, Aztar Corporation was acquired by Columbia Sussex, a private hotel company based in Kentucky. Under Columbia Sussex's ownership, Tropicana Casino underwent a series of renovations, including the addition of a new entertainment venue and a spa.

New Jersey Casino Control Commission Ruling

In 2009, Tropicana Casino faced a challenging period when the New Jersey Casino Control Commission ruled that the casino's owners were unsuitable to hold a gambling license. This ruling resulted in the casino being placed under the control of a state-appointed conservator.

After a thorough restructuring process, Tropicana Casino emerged from the conservatorship in 2010, with its ownership transferred to a group of creditors, including Carl Icahn, a prominent investor. Under this new ownership, the casino underwent further renovations and improvements.

1Win Acquires Tropicana Casino

In 2021, Tropicana Casino was acquired by 1Win, a leading international online gambling company. With this acquisition, 1Win aims to expand its presence in the United States and leverage the iconic Tropicana brand.

The acquisition of Tropicana Casino by 1Win signifies a new chapter in the casino's history. With 1Win's expertise in online gambling, the casino is expected to enhance its digital offerings, providing customers with a seamless gaming experience both online and offline.

Overall, the ownership changes of Tropicana Casino highlight the dynamic nature of the casino industry and the continuous efforts of companies to adapt and thrive in a competitive market.


Who currently owns Tropicana Casino?

Tropicana Casino is owned by Caesars Entertainment, one of the largest casino and entertainment companies in the world.

How long has Caesars Entertainment owned Tropicana Casino?

Caesars Entertainment acquired Tropicana Casino in 2018.

Was Tropicana Casino privately owned before being acquired by Caesars Entertainment?

No, Tropicana Casino was publicly traded before being acquired by Caesars Entertainment.

Are there any plans for Tropicana Casino to change ownership in the future?

As of now, there are no known plans for Tropicana Casino to change ownership in the near future.

What other properties does Caesars Entertainment own?

Caesars Entertainment owns and operates numerous casinos, hotels, and resorts worldwide, including the famous Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Who owns Tropicana Casino?

Tropicana Casino is owned by Eldorado Resorts.

When was Tropicana Casino established?

Tropicana Casino was established in 1981.

What other properties does Eldorado Resorts own?

Eldorado Resorts owns a number of properties including the Eldorado Resort Casino, Silver Legacy Resort Casino, and Circus Circus Hotel Casino in Reno, Nevada. They also own several other properties across the United States.

Has Tropicana Casino changed ownership over the years?

Yes, Tropicana Casino has changed ownership multiple times since its establishment in 1981.

What are some of the amenities and features of Tropicana Casino?

Tropicana Casino offers a wide range of amenities and features including a large casino floor with a variety of table games and slot machines, multiple dining options, a spa and fitness center, live entertainment venues, and a pool area.